Jennie Backstrom
Holistic Wellness Coach
A singer since age ten and a yogini since her father taught her her first sun salutation, Jennie has always used the two disciplines to find her own true voice and has a passion for helping others do the same. A self-taught mandolin player and dabbler in piano studies, Jennie takes the same approach to music as she does to life, love, and spiritual practice: express yourself radically and honestly.
After years of singing in groups and bands, Jennie took to her piano and mandolin to create her own musical expression and released her debut album, Emotions Sit, in 2013.
On a yogic journey since her childhood, Jennie has studied multiple yoga styles which she incorporates into her weekly classes and workshops. This sacred practice and way of life is a big influence in many of her songs, which presents itself in “Short little Lines” referencing The Book of Change and the title track, “Emotions Sit”.
Jennie brings as much of this joyful passion to her clients’ weddings as she does to her chanting and wellness workshops. She will help you find your own true voice and expression by guiding you to find your own articulation of spirit.