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Britta Rael

Britta Rael is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, artist and community architect. Her passions for movement, wellness, adventure and creative expression allow her to connect deeply with individuals and their communities to inspire them to explore their highest personal potential.

"i've always been fascinated by the human body—its complexity and power coupled with it's intricacy. my curiosity to learn and discover what my body is capable of drives me to keep exploring.

i have studied and practiced a slew of movement modalities for the last 10 years, and i feel privileged to have learned from and to now teach beside renowned teachers who inspire me to live my life from a place of integrity.

my intention is to share the deep healing that yoga—as a complete system—offers.

i am most passionate about sharing yoga, acrobatics, music and bodywork because of their potential to catalyze enormous positive change, and i believe this change begins with the individual, through personal transformation, then expands globally as a result of real healing and connection to others."